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SEIKO´s digital multitool

Linking craftsmanship and the digital age perfectly


[Translate to Hungarian:] Before you purchase your SEIKO spectacles, you can try out how well you can see with them and how they suit you. Your SEIKO specialist will support you with the SEIKO Digital MultiTool. It's the perfect real-life demonstration helping you to feel good about your purchase decision.

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Watch precise optics with SEIKO App and Ipad

Learn more about the high-grade coatings depending on your personal needs. Your optician can also illustrate the effect of self-tinting photochromic and polarising spectacle lenses on light-sensitive wearers and sportspeople.

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You only believe what you see?

With the SEIKO Digital MultiTool your optician can help you reach a decision on the thickness of your lenses for example. Additionally, you will be impressed to see how the necessary lens data are determined and how your own personal comfort of vision develops.

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Shall I take the small silver frame or the black nerd frame? Why not ask your friends? Send the pictures of your frame fitting session by e-mail or take a vote in your social networks.